Alone in a Crowd
Season 1, Episode 11
Alone in a Crowd
Air date January 17, 2000
Written by Edward Allen Bernero
Directed by Matt Penn
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Alone in a Crowd refers to the eleventh episode of the first season of the medical and police drama series Third Watch which was broadcast originally from NBC on January 17, 2000. It was directed by Matt Penn and written by Edward Allen Bernero.

Synopsis Edit

Jimmy's failure to watch the firehouse door leads to tragedy; Morales, devastated by the loss of a young patient, reaches out to Doc for consolation; Sully's first partner commits suicide, prompting him to seek out Maggie and reflect on where his life has gone; Bosco tries to buy a '67 GTO from a homeless man; and Bobby continues to do whatever he can to get his mother to reconcile with his brother.

Main Summary Edit

Bobby and Kim are first to arrive at the scene of a burning tenement building, where Martha, a tenant, remains trapped in her third-floor apartment. A car parked illegally in front of the fire station delays response from Doherty and the other firefighters, who use a fire truck to push the auto out of the way. But the firemen arrive too late to save Martha. She leaps from her window to her death with her young son, William, watching safely from below.

Later, Doherty taunts the unremorseful car owner, Stone with details of the damage done to the vehicle before it was impounded. Angry and humiliated, Stone returns with a baseball bat and attacks Doherty and another fireman, Varella. Doherty sustains a rib-breaking blow, but Varella suffers a severe skull injury when Stone clubs him in the head.

Doc and Carlos insist on taking a Chinese girl, whose severe symptoms have been treated only with a form of acupuncture for five days, to the hospital despite her mother and sister's plea to wait until her father returns. At the hospital, Morales administers an antibiotic that causes a fatal reaction in the girl.

Morales kisses Doc, who comforts her. Carlos fears retaliation from the angry, grieving father, Luke. Spinal tap results indicate that the girl died of highly contagious but treatable meningitis, forcing Doc and Carlos to persuade the family to trust the Western medicine that killed one of them and take preventive medication.

Meanwhile, at the scene of a suicide, Sully fails to recognize the deceased as his first partner, Tommy Knight, who had been forced to retire from the police force. Seeing the similarity between Tommy's loner lifestyle and his own, Sully regrets not having a wife and children. He seeks solace from Maggie, who reminds him that his life isn't over: there's still time.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Michael Beach: Paramedic Monte "Doc" Parker

Coby Bell: Officer Tyrone "Ty" Davis Jr.

Bobby Cannavale: Paramedic Roberto "Bobby" Caffey

Eddie Cibrian: Firefighter James "Jimmy" Doherty

Molly Price: Officer Faith Yokas

Kim Raver: Paramedic Kimberly "Kim" Zambrano

Anthony Ruivivar: Paramedic Carlos Nieto

Skipp Sudduth: Officer John "Sully" Sullivan

Jason Wiles: Officer Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli

Also Starring Edit

Nick Chinlund: Detective Tancredi [listed as uncredited]

Lisa Vidal: Dr. Sara Morales

Monica Trombetta: ER Nurse Dana Murphy

Jon Seda: Matteo “Matty” Caffey

Socorro Santiago: Mrs. Caffey

Wendall Pierce: Officer Conrad “Candyman” Jones

Lonette McKee: Maggie Davis

Guest Starring Edit

Alice Lee Chun ... Elderly Woman Oscar A. Colon ... Gus

Laura Esterman ... Marge

Kevin Rahsaan Grant ... William

Nahanni Johnstone ... Nicole

Fay Ann Lee ... Irene Tan

Deedee Magno ... Lori Tan (credited as Deedee Lynn Magno)

Danny Mastrogiorgio ... Stone

Ron McLarty ... Vagrant in Car

Francine Morris ... Martha

Michael Port ... Varella

José Ramón Rosario ... Mr. Jenkins

Carolyn Swift ... Patricia Morris

Luoyong Wang ... Luke Tan

David Wolos-Fonteno ... Captain Haynes

Trivia\Facts Edit

-When they are at Tommy's apartment, Sully tells Davis that Tommy was the first one he ever drove with back at the beginning of his career. but later, in season 6 in the episode "Forever Blue," we get to know in the flashbacks that Sully drove with Office Davis Sr. from his first day out of the academy till the day he died.

-When the woman shouts out of the window that she was searching for the kitten just before she falls out of the window, she says she couldn't find her. later when Jimmy gives the boy the cat, the boy tells him it's a he.

Music Edit

Groove Armada: "I See You Baby"

Quotes Edit

Sully: That’s the problem, see? That’s exactly how you lose your mind on this job. There’s so much tragedy. Feeling is the first thing that goes. After that losing the rest is easy. Compassion, empathy, sympathy… It’s funny, you can become a much better cop by becoming less of a human being.

Sully: It’s like I went to work one day and I came home and 25 years… 25 years were gone. I blew it. I blew it and I never even knew I was in the game.

Maggie Davis: Nothing’s over, John. There’s always time.

Davis: Hey, I found a wallet!

Sully: You’re a bloodhound

Matty [to Bobby]: I’m going home. You find any other ways to embarrass me in public, you give me a call.

Sully: All day long, up and down, up and down. Nobody ever calls the police from the first floor.

Davis: It’s good for you, man. Keeps you in shape.

Sully: That’s why everybody keeps mistaking me for Jack LaLane.

Davis: How long did the detectives say?

Sully: How many times are you gonna ask that? Half hour to an hour.

Davis: And how long’s it been?

Sully: What are you, 6?

Carlos [about Dr. Morales]: She’s like the, uh, ice princess.

Doc [to Carlos]: You may be the most gullible person I ever met.

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