Black and Blue is the 12th episode of the fifth season of "Third Watch." The episode aired on January 16, 2004.


When Sasha discusses taking the sergeant's exam with Maritza, Maritza reveals that she received her promotion meritoriously, not from passing the test.

The police are on high alert after two women are assaulted and robbed by men posing as police officers. Later on at the hospital, one of the victim dies from their wounds.

Kim and Jimmy decide to keep their blossoming romance quiet until Kim is pulled over by the impostors. She narrowly escapes with her life with the help of Bosco, Maritza, Sully and Sasha.

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • The fake cops that pulled over Kim has the number 38 on their collars of there uniforms. That number lets us know the number of their precinct. Later on when Bosco and Cruz catch them Bocso asks for I.D and he says his name is Hanson from Housing. If he was from the housing division, his uniform would have had HPB on the collar.
  • The Mercedes that Davis and Sully came upon the tag number as read off by Davis was. New York Tag 1 Boyd Charles 1 44
  • The fake police car that pulls Kim over has a flashing blue light on the front, which is not an emergency color for New York police cars.
  • Faith (Molly Price), Emily (Bonnie Dennison) and Fred (Chris Bauer) do not appear in this episode


  • Joss Stone "Super Duper Love"


Kim (to Jimmy about Joey): I don't want him thinking that we're back together again.
Jimmy: So we tell him we're just dating.
Kim: He doesn't want us to date. He wants us to be married.

Davis (to Sully): What was it like being a cop back then?
Sully: Davis, you talk like it was another century.
Davis: Twenty-five years ago, it might as well be.

Davis: We found a woman. She was beaten, robbed and raped in her car.
Cruz: Do you think there's any connection?
Sully: I hope not.
Cruz: Why?
Sully: Because she said it was police officers that did it to her.

Doc (to the cops about the rapist\robber): You all should find this guy and kill him.

Sully (while reading the instructionss that the public has been given): "Request police photo I.D. card. Check I.D. number against badge number. Call local precinct with badge number." How to make a crappy job that much crappier.

Bosco (to Phil): When's your 46?
Phil: What?
Bosco: Your next 46. When is it?
Phil: Oh, it's uh... (reaches for his gun)
Bosco (firing): Wrong answer. Your 46 is your vacation.
Cruz: Yeah, you'll be spending yours upstate.

Kim (to Jimmy): I want to tell everyone.
Jimmy: What?
Kim: I want everyone to know.
Jimmy: What are you talking about?
Kim: About us. I want them to know.

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