How Do You Spell Belief




April 22, 2005




Finney and Davis are seriously injured in a car accident during a traffic jam which was caused by a man trying to kill two people and he succeeds. Emily's life is in danger when she falls in with the wrong crowd; Carlos buys an engagement ring for Holly.


  • Monroe (Nia Long) does not appear in this episode.


Carlos (while shopping for an engagement ring): What do you think?
Grace: I can't believe you're serious.
Carlos: Can you wrap it?
Grace: No! You don't wrap an engagement ring.
Carlos: I'm gonna be paying for it for the rest of my life. I can't have a... a bow?
Cruz: I'm, uh...I'm gonna be taking some time off soon.
Santiago: You haven't taken an extra day off in all the time that I've known you.
Cruz: Yeah, I'm, uh... I'm gonna start treatment.
Santiago: Chemo?
Cruz: Yeah.
Santiago: That's great, Sarge.
Cruz: Yeah.
Davis: Sasha just went home from the hospital yesterday. I was supposed to go home and take care of her tonight.
Sully: Well, maybe you guys can hire a nurse on a two-fer.
Davis: I'll be sore in the morning.
Sully: I'm sore every morning.
Davis: Well, you're 97 years old.
Cruz (to Santiago): Hey, you know what, take this religion stuff one step at a time. You start talking about "master plan" and I'm gonna quit before I start.
Santiago: No problema.
Bosco: Why are you so pissed at me?
Swersky: I got two cops hurt at a traffic accident. Double murder at the accident scene. Another double murder which might be connected at a church. And two dead in a drive by. That's today! Why am I pissed? Because I need you out there, Bosco. I need you. And now I may not have you!
Dante (to Emily): I thought you were open-minded.
Emily: And I thought you were sane.
Dante: Don't belittle my beliefs.
Emily: This is not a belief system. This is ridiculous.
Emily (to Dante): Seriously. Just take the eyeliner off and go see a doctor.
Tommy: Put me on the air or I'm gonna kill this old man and anybody else who gets in my way.