In Lieu of Johnson
Season 5, Episode 4
Third Watch
Air date October 20, 2003
Written by Charles Murray
Directed by Charles Haid
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Plot Edit

Jimmy struggles as Acting Lieutenant. Bosco and Monroe deal with a rapper causing problems. Ty is thinking about law school again. Faith is not making any progress with her recovery.


Sasha, Bosco, Sully and Ty get on the case of a malicious rapper. Ty considers returning to law school with the help of Sully. Jimmy struggles with his new position and his relationship with his co-workers when he makes a big mistake during a fire drill. Faith gets a physical therapist.


  • Doc (Michael Beach) and Cruz (Tia Texada) do not appear in this episode.
  • Charles Haid directed this episode and appears as a fire chief. In season 6, however, he plays C.T. Finney.
  • When Sasha and Bosco drop off Emily at school, she gets out of the back seat of the R.M.P. by herself, which isn't possible.
  • Candid gives the location of the warehouse as 96th and Pine during the confrontation in the station house. After Bosco and Sasha show up at the warehouse, she calls in the location as 86th and Pine. When the call comes into the fire station, the location given is 96th and Pine.
  • In a previous episode, Faith and Fred called her brother "Stanley"; in this episode, Mona refers to him as "Ronnie."
  • Bosco had sunglasses on when he ran into Sully's and Ty's R.M.P., but wasn't wearing them when the chase began.


Chief (to Jimmy during the training session): Congratulations, you just killed all your men.

Monroe (to Bosco): You know, why don’t you let some of what Davis has rub off on you?
Bosco: You know what? Davis can keep his sunshine all to himself. Don’t be late.

Pierre: Ooh, ‘bout time you cops got on the J.O.
Bosco: You guys go to the same spelling school?

Pierre: All that blue made you forget you was black, huh?
Monroe: No, baby, I’m black everyday.
Bosco: Yo, Wu-Tang, get the hell out of here and don’t come back.
Pierre: “Wu-Tang.” Munchkin got jokes.

Kim: EMS has more logs than Lincoln.
Jimmy: Johnson used to always say that.

Sully (to Davis): I bet I could read you a question from this book and you’ll be able to answer it correctly. You ready?
Davis: I don’t think I’ve ever seen you read anything that didn’t have cartoons in it.

Bosco (to Pierre): You are one mental midget.

Sully (to Pierre): Hope he didn’t hurt anything important. Nah, just your head.

Monroe (to Pierre): You know him?
Kandid: This is my dawg for life.
Pierre: For life!
Monroe: Get a leash, and get your dog and get out.

Monroe (to Bosco): One minute you’re an ass, the next you’re who the hell knows what.
Bosco: Uh, uh. Judging... no judging.

Jimmy: You never panic, you hear me, never panic.