Kingpin Rising




February 25, 2005




Cruz connects the dots that link Marcel Hollis to the murder of Darren Maddox, while Marcel begins to organize a street war against the 55th Precinct Elsewhere, Yokas, Sully and Bosco track a missing teen to a vampire cult.


  • Bosco returns to the line of duty.
  • Monroe (Nia Long) and Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar) do not appear in this episode.


Jelly: I dunno why they reach out. Whole building's blowing up around them, they think they're gonna stop it with their hands.
Cruz: Play-Tone is his name.
Jelly: Play-Tone? What the hell kind of nickname is that?
Swersky': Sully, Monroe went sick. Some kind of flu.
Davis': We're not gonna miss her.
Sully: Cut her a break, will ya?
Davis: No.
Bosco: I'm back to show you all how it's done, ladies.
Grace (to Levine): I thought you were taking a few days while Carlos recuperates.
Levine: Yeah, you know, it turns out Carlos is not that fun to be around when he's sick.
Grace: "Turns out"? He's not that much fun to be around when he's perfectly healthy.
Jelly (to Marcel): I don't know what you two got going on, but I don't give a damn. I got four murders to clear and she says I should talk to you about it. So shut the hell up and listen to your rights.
Sully (to Bosco): An hour back and I already hate you.
Bosco: Good.
Sully: Good!
Bosco: Hate me! Call me names. Just don't ask me if you can help me. Or if you can do anything for me. I'm not handicapped.
Sully: Still a jerk.
Bosco: Hundred percent.
Yokas (while looking around Kimmie's room): And I gave Emily a hard time about her N'SYNC poster.
Marcel (to Cruz): You're making a big mistake.
Cruz: Really? And yet I can't stop smiling.
Yokas (to Dante): So you're a vampire?
Dante: Sanguanarian. We don't like being referred to as vampires.
Sully: Come on, Faith, don't you know anything?
Dante: Do you find your friend with the scar amusing?
Bosco: Easy, Count Chocula or her "friend" will rip you a new one.
Yokas: You know, I gotta tell you, if I ever caught you with my daughter, you'd get to test that whole "vampires are immortal" theory.
Bosco: Emily's not that stupid.
Sully: Dante's not that immortal.
Yokas (about Kimmie): She has a cut on her wrist.
Grace: Self-inflicted?
Yokas: Yeah, but, uh, not for the reasons that you think.
Levine: There's more than one reason?
Yokas: It's a long story.
Yokas (to Dante): You know, I came down here 'cause I actually thought that you might be dangerous. But now I realize that you're just an inadequate little man who can't handle the company of adults in the real world.
Sully (to Bosco): Bet you didn't figure on watching fake vampires your first day back.
Bosco: There was a time I didn't figure I'd have a first day back.
Sully: I always knew.
Bosco: No, you didn't.
Sully: When you were hurt, way back in the beginning, when we were coming over to your room and sitting with you, I realized something.
Bosco: What, that you had better things to do?
Sully: No. I realized why you rub me the wrong way.
Bosco: 'Cause I'm so much better looking than you?
Sully: When you first came on at the 5-5 you were this gung-ho, 100 miles an hour, true believer. All you wanted to do was catch bad guys.
Bosco: And you were the opposite.
Sully: No. I was exactly the same way when I came on. There was no one more excited about being the police. But the system beat it out of me. Bad guys I worked hard to get went free...cops I respected ended up being dirty. Even did a few things myself I'm not too proud of.
Bosco: Yeah?
Sully: So I kept waiting for it to beat you down. But you never let it. And that's what I realized one day sitting by your hospital bed. You piss me off so much because you remind me that I let the system beat me.
Bosco: You're a pretty damn good cop, Sul.
Sully: I don't really believe there's a greater good anymore. But you still do. So I always knew that if you woke up, you'd be back out here. 'Cause you're a true believer, Bosco.
Bosco: I'm not gonna kiss you.
Sully: Unless you wanna get shot again.