Last Call
Season 4, Episode 18
Third Watch
Air date March 31, 2003
Written by Edward Allen Bernero and Scott Williams
Directed by Lee David Zlotoff
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Plot Edit

Ty, Bosco and friends help Sully to dry out.

Short summaryEdit

In a last-ditch effort to save Sully's life, job, and pension by getting him dried out, Ty and Bosco kidnap him and bring him to a cabin deep in the woods where he hallucinates about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Tatiana, Chevchenko and Ty's father and his subsequent descent into alcoholism.


  • Fred (Chris Bauer), Cruz (Tia Texada), Alex (Amy Carlson), Carlos (Anthony Ruivivar), Kim (Kim Raver), Faith (Molly Price) and Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) do not appear in this episode


  • Johnny Cash did "Hurt" from his "American IV: The Man Comes Around" cd.


Bosco: I got a whole family full of yous. Can't cope with life, so they hide behind the bottle.
Sully: But not you?
Bosco: I guess I'm the black sheep.
Sully: You don't take a crap without your gun, Bosco.
Sully: I'm not worth this.
Davis: Why not? You tell me why not.
Sully: The bullet that killed your father was meant for me.
Sully (to Davis): You want to help me? You want to stand behind me not matter what? Then you should know who I am.
Sully (to Davis): Your old man, he said I was pushing this guy into a corner he couldn't get out of and it wasn't smart. But seeing as how he was supporting two families and stealing every dollar he could get his hands on, I didn't think he was a good person to take advice from!
Davis (to Sully): You are not responsible for me. I knew damn good and well what I was doing when I walked into that restaurant. And what, because of you, I got shot? Please, I'm smarter than that.
Sully: It was me.
Davis: No, it was me! And Tatiana died when they killed her son. Had nothing to do with you. Her life caught up with her. And my dad... was a grown man and he was standing next to you in that park for the same reason I'm standing here right now.
Davis (to Sully): That's where he was supposed to be, next to his partner. I'm not leaving. This is where I belong and it's not because of you, it's because of me... We're partners. We're family.
[Sully hands the bottle that he has been holding back to Davis]
Sully: Now what?
Davis: Now we go home.