Letting Go
Season 4, Episode 17
Third Watch
Air date March 17, 2003
Written by W. J. Rinier Jr.
Directed by Tim Matheson
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Plot Edit

Doc faces up to disobeying orders, and a decision is made about Carlos. A car crashes into a shop, driven by a man who abducted his daughter the week before - but things are not completely as they seem and the situation deteriorates. Sully tries to quit drinking.

Short summaryEdit

Faith rebuffs Bosco's attempt to apologize for lying to her. The fire squad extricates a driver impaled after crashing into a store.

After Doc makes an impassioned defense of Carlos before the review board, a re-energized Carlos goes back out on the street.

Sully's job performance continues to decline as he neglects to keep an eye on a woman he was supposed to be guarding and she snatches her critically ill baby from Mercy's E.R.

After they discover that the woman is mentally ill, Ty takes a multi-story tumble while trying to prevent her from jumping off a roof with the baby.

Faith is stunned when an initially reluctant Emily is eager to continue visiting a drug counselor. Ty catches Sully drinking in the R.M.P. and seeks advice from a union rep.

Carlos loses his job as part of the department's settlement with the West family.


  • Chris Bauer (Fred) is not credited in the opening credits, however "Fred" somewhat appears in the background when Faith is in bed talking to him. Most likely, it was not Chris Bauer as the body hence why he is not credited, but the character still appears.
  • Cruz (Tia Texada) does not appear in this episode


  • AFI did "Girl's Not Grey" from their "Sing the Sorrow" cd
  • The Foo Fighters did "Times Like These (One-Way Motorway)" from their "One By One" cd.


DK: Can this day get anymore exciting?
[a car crashes into a building]
Jimmy: Apparently it can.
Doc: That's one lucky little girl.
Carlos: Except for the part where her father drove into a building.
Yokas (to Emily in the waiting room of the counselor's office): What are you complaining about? I'm the one stuck out here in Rocky Horror land.
Davis: I got the wind knocked out of me, that's all.
Kim: Falling four flights will do that to you, superboy.
Carlos: What is this woman, a track star? How'd she get away so fast?

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