Season 5, Episode 3
Third Watch
Air date October 13, 2003
Written by Janine Sherman Barrois
Directed by Peter Ellis
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Plot Edit

Faith goes home. Fred's mother arrives to help. Ty and Sully chase a truck that skips a checkpoint, and find themselves dealing with something quite unexpected.

Short summaryEdit

Yokas clashes with her mother-in-law over her recovery; Maritza is back on the job, but is unhappy that she's back in the bag and handing out parking tickets; Ty and Sully discover a truck carrying sick illegal aliens and end up scouring the city to track down one of them who escapes after it's determined that the aliens have a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease.


  • This is the first appearance of recurring role Holly Levine (played by Yvonne Jung). She and Anthony Ruivivar (Carlos) have been married since 1998 and are the parents of a son born in 2002.
  • In the scene where Davis and Sully is checking trucks, Sully and Davis stops a UPS truck, they go to the back of the truck and one of the doors are already opened.
  • During several of the long shots of the truck pursuit, Sully's vehicle changes from a Chevy Impala to a Ford Crown Victoria.


Sully: Cooking always interested me. Emeril can kiss my ass!

Swersky (to Cruz): Here’s a summons packet. I think 25 a week will do.
Cruz: I’m a sergeant.
Swersky: Then you should know how to fill them out.
Cruz: If I was a guy, I would’ve been promoted off the work I did. I got more collars than anyone in this whole department.
Swersky: Good point. Someone like you could probably get me 50.

Davis (while inspecting a fruit truck): How are we supposed to check this crap?
Sully: Whoa. Very carefully. Peach bombs are among the world’s most dangerous.
Davis: I don’t think I like you like this.
Sully: Why?
Davis: Too happy.
Sully: I can make you peach cobbler.
Davis: Stop it.
Sully: Bam!

Bosco (to Monroe): Oh, hold on, missy. I’m Senior, I’ll tell you when we go.
Monroe: First of all, you don’t call me missy. And second of all, the boss told me I was baby-sitting you, not taking orders from you.

Dr. Hickman: We may be looking at Yesinia Pestis.
Kim: What the hell is that?
Dr. Hickman: The plague.

Dr. Hickman: Imagine if you hadn’t found the truck and these people made it into the public. The entire city would be at risk.
Davis: Oh, my God. The guy. When we opened the truck.
Carlos: What?
Sully: One of ‘em got away.
Davis: One of ‘em got away.

Swersky: He’s got short hair, a red shirt, and he’s sick.
Bosco: With what?
Swersky: I don’t know. But apparently he’s gonna be coughing a lot.

Carlos: I always pictured myself at 75, in Vegas, cardiac arrest, couple of D cups in my face.
Doc: You’re not dying.
Carlos: Hmm. Maybe not like this, but tomorrow, who knows? Boom. That’s the world we live in, huh?

Jimmy: He speak English?
Bosco: I never got close enough to ask.
Jimmy: What kind of disease does he have?
Monroe: Don’t know.
Walsh: Contagious?
Bosco: Does it matter?
Walsh: Maybe we should let ESU handle this.

Bosco: (after hearing that Maritza is back in the bag) Oh, my God. This has turned into one of the best days of my life.

Bosco: I have enough actual bad things going on right now. I'll leave the possibilities to someone else.