Rat Bastard is the 10th episode of the sixth season of "Third Watch." The episode aired on December 3, 2004


Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Bosco (Jason Wiles) and Emily (Bonnie Dennison) do not appear in this episode.


Swersky (during roll call): Okay, listen up! I got a few announcements.
Davis: Yeah, I got one too, Lieu. Um…Monroe made detective everybody. Actually, I guess you always were one, right? I got called down to IAB yesterday, had a little chat with Captain Finney, all of a sudden our little community-oriented holier-than-thou Detective Monroe walks in, yelling at Captain Finney about her cover being blown. Her IAB cover.

Sully (to Monroe): Filthy rat bitch.

Monroe (to Davis): You didn't have to do that.
Davis: You have a good day.

Monroe (to Swersky): With all due respect, sir, I'd like to stay.
Swersky: No, you're on a desk until I can get you the hell out of my precinct.

Swersky (to Monroe): No one is gonna ride with you and I am not putting you out there alone.
Finney: I'll ride with her.
Davis: What?
Sully: Now why does that not surprise me?
Monroe: You don't have to do that, Brendan.
Davis: Yeah, Brendan, you're having enough trouble fitting in around here.
Finney': Look, I don't give a damn about fitting in, man.

Stu (to Carter): Stu Szczelaszczyk.
Carter: Ah, don't ask me to pronounce that. That's, uh…
Stu: My dad took me to see my first Carter Savage film when I was six.
Carter: Please tell me that you're only twelve now.

Monroe (to Finney): So why'd you tell Swersky you'd ride with me?
Finney: When I was younger, I was always sticking up for the unpopular kids.

Sully (to Davis): I'm gonna testify against Finney if she can make a case.
Davis: What made you change your mind?
Sully: Same thing that made me keep my mouth shut when I figured out CT Finney killed your old man... You.

Cruz (to Monroe): I almost lost my life at Rikers.
Monroe: Are you crazy?!
Cruz: I will kick your ass!

Cruz (to Monroe): We're not through, bitch!

(A dead rat is hanging in Monroe's locker)
Davis (to Monroe): Looks like Christmas came early for you.

(When Monroe goes after Skeeter)
Finney: Monroe, you got nothing to prove.
Monroe: Just make sure you have my back.
Finney: Monroe, wait. Monroe!

Finney (over the radio): 5-David to Central. I've lost my partner. She was in pursuit of an armed suspect.
Sully (to Davis) It's your call.
(Davis hits the lights)
Sully: (over the radio) This is 5-5 Charlie responding to 10-13. Need location.

Skeeter (to Monroe): Bet you thought today was gonna be an easy day. Catch some criminals, lock 'em up, go on back to your nice house. Bet you thought today was gonna be a good day.

Monroe (while pointing a gun at Skeeter): Who's the bitch now?!

Finney: Come on, Sasha. Step back. Let me cuff this guy. Davis, talk to her, man.
Davis: She can do whatever the hell she wants to do.
Skeeter: Oh? That's what it is? Y'all gonna let her shoot me and y'all gonna cover it up? Huh?
Finney: Sasha, come on. Come on, Sasha. You don't wanna do this. Don't give these guys the satisfaction to see you go down like this. Sasha, look at me. Come on.

Monroe (to Skeeter): I'll take your ass to jail and let 'em kill you in there.

Finney (to Cruz): We called for backup and nobody came.
Cruz: It looks like there was response to me.
Finney: Yeah, well it took long enough.
Davis: You weren't at the original location, Finney. We had to find you.
Finney: Right.
Davis: Believe what you want.
Finney: Man, what the hell happened to you?
Davis: Sasha Monroe.

Sully: Brian McKinley was murdered?
Yokas: You know him?
Sully: I used to.
Jelly: Found a Plus-P bullet in his brain.
Sully: Police bullet?
Davis: Sharon told me that Raymond Morris was killed last week. Right after I talked to him.
Yokas: Who's Raymond Morris?
Sully: The drug dealer that murdered his father.
Davis: Now this IAB guy's dead. This is CT Finney. He's out of control.