Second Chances
Season 4, Episode 11
Third Watch
Air date January 6, 2003
Written by Siobhan Byrne O'Connor
Directed by TR Babu Subramaniam
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Plot Edit

Emily asks questions about Faith's work. Doc has a new recruit with him for the day. Sully and Ty are involved with a building site where union members are picketing scab workers. Carlos is accused of molestation.

Short summaryEdit

Doc supervises a new paramedic on her first day; Carlos is arrested after a teenaged patient accuses him of molesting her; Bosco and Faith search for an escaped prisoner; Sully and Davis team up with fire and EMS to save construction workers when their scaffold collapses; in the aftermath of the bank robbery, Faith is troubled when Emily asks her how many people she's killed in the line of duty.


  • Fred (Chris Bauer) does not appear in this episode


  • Coldplay did "Clocks" from their "A Rush of Blood to the Head" cd
  • KJ-52 did "Rise Up" from their "Collaborations" cd.


Carlos: My first day, I was a half an hour early.
Kim: Yeah and the fire guys made you stand right over there for the 30 minutes until we got here.
Carlos: No, no. It was more like over there.
Carlos: My first day...
Doc: You were here a half an hour early. Yeah, that day was also one of the last you were on time at all.
Yokas (to Emily): In extreme situations, Emily, you have to use your gun.
Emily: Like Cameron?
Yokas: Like who?
Emily: The bank robber.
Yokas: Yeah, I know who he is. I didn't know that you referred to him by his first name.
Yokas: I think a daughter asking her mother how many people she's killed is unnatural.
Sully: I mean, one minute I'm suspended and the next, it just disappears. And coincidentally, here you are back on the beat.
Davis: I like the beat.
Sully: I mean, it's almost as if someone talked to Hancock on my behalf.
Davis: I know what you're talking about. What? You think I want to hang out with your sorry ass?
Bosco (to Daryl): How stupid are you?
Daryl: Look, I am a very sick man.
Yokas: And a bad actor.
Daryl: She pushed me.
Doc: Yeah, yeah.
Yokas: He hit his head fleeing a burglary.
Bosco: While he was robbing an old lady who was actually nice to him.
Daryl: Yeah, and now my head hurts and I think I might have brain trauma.
Doc: You have any pain anywhere else?
Yokas: He's gonna if he keeps blaming me.
Bosco (to Yvette): So, first day, huh?
Daryl: No, actually I've been arrested a couple of times before.
Bosco (to Daryl): Shut up. (to Yvette) As you can see, you're gonna be surrounded by intelligence.
Yokas (about Daryl): How the hell can he be harder to find handcuffed than he was without them?
Yokas: Do you realize that we are authorized to shoot a fleeing prisoner?
Daryl: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I lost my senses.
Yokas: It doesn't even matter what they were originally arrested for!
Daryl: I'd put my hands up see, but... but I can't. I surrender.
Bosco: If you make another request for medical treatment, you'll be eating Jell-O out of a straw for two weeks.
Doc: Call me "Doc."
Yvette: Guess you can call me "dumb-ass rookie."