Season 5, Episode 6
Third Watch
Air date November 7, 2003
Written by Scott Williams
Directed by Nelson McCormick
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Plot Edit

Judge Halsted's housekeeper is injured in the blast. Munroe orders a rape kit for Cruz. The case of Letty's killer comes to court.

Short summaryEdit

Judge Halsted is heartbroken when she discovers that her housekeeper was killed by the explosion; Sasha convinces Maritza to get a rape exam; Sully takes the judge to his house to keep her safe; Maritza discovers that her rapist, Thomas Warner, has a history of sexually assaulting the workers at the clinic; undeterred by yet another attack on her life, this time by a sniper, Judge Halsted insists on presiding at the preliminary hearing of Gary Barnes, the drug dealer who the police suspect is behind the attempts on her life; Faith visits a psychiatrist and unloads her anger at Bosco and Maritza; after Maritza testifies at the hearing, Judge Halsted rules that Barnes can be held over for trial for the death of Lettie Cruz. When Sully sees Barnes signal a spectator in the court room, he and Ty follow him to a house where they see him join the man who delivered the bomb to Judge Halsted's house; the perps, armed with a detonator, threaten to blow up the block with the explosives they claim are in the house and force Ty to hand over his gun after he attempts to arrest them; Sully comes from the back of the house and fires.


  • Doc (Michael Beach), Jimmy (Eddie Cibrian) and Emily (Bonnie Dennison) do not appear in this episode.
  • Apart from the rape, Cruz also suffers from a strained rotator cuff.


  • Ty: 55-Charlie, what's the ETA on that back up and ESU?
  • Central: (over radio) Standby Charlie.
  • Ty: You want me to tell the bad guys to standby?

  • Faith: And then my partner Bosco, he was like Mr. Cool when he got the assignment, he flew right up to Anti-Crime, you know. He leaves me to bounce around with whoever no body else wants to be with and then when everything goes wrong, who does he come back to? Me, I gotta fix everything. My partner, he dumps me and this upstairs, loud mouth, high riding, corrupt cop turns my partner into a criminal.

  • Ty: Oh I don't know about the guy, Hank, but I hear the lady's pretty good at her job.
  • Carlos: Don't you guys have anyone else to shoot?
  • Ty: Don't tempt me, man.

  • Judge Halsted: I was just wondering what it cost the city for eight police officers guarding one judge full time?
  • Sully: If we can't protect somebody like a judge, we haven't got much of a city anyway.

  • Monroe: I know that was hard. This was not your fault, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
  • Cruz: Stop treating me like I'm just another vic. I'm anything but.