The Spirit is the 10th episode of the fifth season of "Third Watch." The episode aired on December 12, 2003.


Bosco arrests a pedophile posing as a toy store Santa, and the grateful store owner returns the favor by helping Bosco and Sasha come to the aid of a man whose house is robbed of all his children's Christmas presents.

After Sully and Ty save a young homeless girl from a fire, she rekindles Sully's Christmas spirit. Carlos receives the ultimate Christmas present when his brother arrives at the firehouse bearing the gift of being a perfect bone marrow match for Kylie as well as the news of Carlos's real name and family history.

Kim and Jimmy spend a romantic Christmas Eve together. Sasha's search for the perfect gift for her nephew gives Swersky the opportunity to play Santa.

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • In this episode Christian says that Carlos' real name is Adam. He was using his real name which is also Adam.
  • Kim says Joey is eight years old, the same age she said he was two years ago in a third season episode.
  • Faith (Molly Price), Cruz (Tia Texada), Emily (Bonnie Dennison) and Fred (Chris Bauer) do not appear in this episode.


  • Destiny's Child "Carol of the Bells"


Sully: Did I ever tell you I hate Christmas.

Jimmy (to Doc): Isn't Kim the supervisor, Doc?
Doc: Was I talking to you?
Jimmy: What?
Kim: Just stay out of it, Jimmy.
Doc: Yeah, yeah, just stay out of it, Jimmy.
Jimmy: What the hell is that about?
Kim: Welcome to my life.

Bosco (to Monroe): You know what you should get the kid? Cops and Robbers set. Plastic handcuffs, chrome revolver...
Monroe: Guns?
Bosco: Yeah, that's what I always got.
Monroe: And look how well-adjusted you turned out.

Walsh: Hey Nieto, there was a message from a guy who says he thinks he's your brother.
Carlos: With what my mother cost me, I can't afford a brother.

Carlos: Great, a Charlie Brown Christmas.
Davis: This is not a Charlie Brown tree.
Carlos: Right. It's uh, massive. Very festive.
Davis: I got it at the supermarket. It was the biggest one.
Carlos: Deck the halls.
Davis: I didn't see you running out to get decorations.
Carlos: And you won't.

Carlos: Man, it's gotta suck to spend Christmas in the hospital, huh?
Doc: Better than the morgue.
Carlos: Wow. You've developed this knack for stating the obvious.

Sully: You know what would make me happy? Knowing that little girl's in a warm bed tonight before it starts snowing. We make that happen, I'll sing a carol.
Davis: You know a carol?

Sully: Audrey, you're 12 years old. You don't get to run around and do whatever you want to.
Audrey: Twelve year olds used to ride for the Pony Express.
Sully: What?
Audrey: Look it up.
Davis: Average life expectancy was about 25 back then. We take care of kids today. You want coffee?
Sully and Audrey: Yeah.
Sully (pointing at Audrey): No.

Carlos: You've been looking for me?
Carlos' Brother: Yeah, for 25 years.

Audrey (to Sully): Your problem is you forgot. All grown-ups forget.
'Sully: Forget what?
Audrey: Do you remember when you believed in Santa Claus? How Christmas Eve was the best ever? A man you didn't know was coming thousands of miles to give you a toy.
Sully: It's not real though.
Audrey: It is to kids. And if everyone could always remember what that feels like...