Too Little, Too Late




April 8, 2005




Monroe and Bosco deal with an angry mother on welfare who shoots up the welfare office; Davis and Finney stake out a man and take down a prostitution ring; Faith deals with Emily; Cruz and Monroe receive bad news about their health.


  • In this episode, it is revealed that Sergeant Cruz is suffering from leukemia.
  • In this episode, Sasha suffers a miscarriage due to the shooting.


Bosco (to Swersky): Why can't I ride with her?
Swersky: No way, Bosco. I don't need that drama.
Bosco: There's no drama. Look, whatever happened when I was away, none of my business. I'm serious. We're good. You're gonna have more problems with me answering this phone right there.
Swersky: Okay, but if I hear one complaint from her, you're gonna be answering that phone for the rest of your career. Am I clear?
Bosco: Crystal.
Finney: At least we're out of the bag.
Davis: Shut up.
Finney: No, seriously, you can mark that off your list now.
Davis: Shut. Up.
Cruz (while on the phone): My gums are bleeding.
Doctor: How much?
Cruz: What difference does it make how much? They're bleeding.
Monroe: Ty will find out when the time is right.
Tania: When you're seven months looking like a duffel bag?
Danielle (to the welfare worker): You called the police!?
Welfare Worker: No, I clicked my heels and they came.
Bosco (to Danielle): Let's go.
Danielle: No, see, you need to be taking her in for impersonating a customer service representative.
Welfare Worker (about Danielle): Stupid bitch.
Bosco: Way to defuse the situation. Fantastic.
Monroe (to Danielle): Coming down here, throwing a fit isn't gonna help the situation.
Danielle: Well, where do I go to throw a fit, huh!? 'Cause something's gotta be done!
Welfare Worker (about Danielle): She needs to fill out a A-174 form combined with a A-297 release and downtown will work it out.
Monroe: That could take weeks.
Welfare Worker: Welcome to the world of welfare.
Swersky: Bosco, why the hell didn't you wait for backup?
Bosco: There wasn't time. She was going for her gun and then she pushed Monroe right into the line of fire.
Swersky: You did this!?
Monroe: Carlos.
Carlos: What?
Monroe: I'm pregnant. He doesn't know. Don't tell him.
Grace: We won't.
Davis: Yeah, she's hot right?
Finney: She's serving more than hotdogs.
Davis: What? Oh. Oh crap…What's she doing?
Finney: She's doing what you thing she's doing.
Davis: She's coming over here. She's coming... why's she coming over here?
Finney: Maybe she wants to know why you only wanted hotdogs.
Swersky: We have a black, ex-IAB detective shot by a white cop. PC's gonna be all over this.
Bosco: You think this is racial?
Swersky: No, I don't, but the New York Times will.
Bosco: And she's carrying a kid, too.
Bosco: She pushed your sister in the line of fire.
Tania: You… shot my sister.
Bosco: This was an accident, Tania. I swear.
Tania: I don't believe you.
Davis: I messed up.
Finney: What are you talking about?
Davis: The girl at the hotdog stand, she gave me a… you-know-what.
Finney: What's a "you-know-what"?
Davis: What? You don't know what a you-know-what is?
Finney: Are you crazy? We're on the clock.
Davis: I know that. Shh. It all happened so fast, I didn't know she was a prostitute, man. I thought she was like a freaky hotdog vendor.
Yokas (to Bosco): Could this have been avoided?
Bosco: You're a detective, right? This is none of your business.
Yokas: When you come to my apartment and you ask me to shoot for you you make it my business.
Bosco (to Yokas): That gold shield is really going to your head, isn't it?
Yokas: Bosco, I am trying to help you. Downtown is gonna be here, they're gonna want answers.
Bosco: And I'm gonna have a PBA rep. to help me answer 'em. So if you don't mind I'm gonna go check on my partner.
Yokas: Bosco, you need to take three-quarters.
Bosco: You know what, get the hell away from me.
Yokas: You are not ready to be back.
Swersky (to Davis): Something bad happened today.
Davis: Something bad? What? What happened?
Swersky: Monroe was shot.
Davis: She gonna be okay?
Swersky: Yeah.
Davis: What, she's in...
Swersky: No, but, Davis... she was pregnant.
Davis: She was...
Swersky: She lost the baby.
Davis (softly) What?
Swersky: I'm sorry.