Welcome to Camelot
Season 1, Episode 1
Welcome to camalot
Air date September 23, 1999
Written by Edward Allen Bernero and John Wells
Directed by Christopher Chulack
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Welcome to Camelot refers to the pilot episode of the first season of the medical and police drama series Third Watch which was broadcast originally from NBC on September 23, 1999. It was directed by Christopher Chulack and written both by Edward Allen Benrero and John Wells.

Synopsis Edit

Sully meets his new partner Ty Davis. Davis' father was a NYPD officer as well but was killed in the line of duty years earlier. Sully feels as tho he has to protect Davis; however, Davis is fresh out of the academy and thinks he's ready for the streets. Carlos is the new paramedic and is catching flack from all the veterans. Bosco is busy avoiding all the "usual" calls and saves himself for the "good" calls. Bosco is fired up and loves his job. Episode ends with firefighter responding to a shooting call in an apartment. As they climb the stairs the shooter opens fire wounding the firefighter. Sully and Davis are trying to locate the shooter but lose him in the building.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Also Starring Edit

  • Chris Bauer: Fred Yokas
  • Jeremy Bergman: Charlie Yokas
  • PJ Morrison: Emily Yokas

Guest Starring Edit

  • Denia Brache: Mother
  • Fran Brill: Mrs. Simpson
  • Danny Burstein: Medic #2
  • Gene Canfield: Engineer
  • Ayodele Casel: Dreads #2
  • Al Espinosa: Fireman
  • Lanny Flaherty: Drunk #1
  • Randy Frazier: Safeman
  • Fanni Green: Upset Woman
  • Dan Grimaldi: Bartender
  • Jayne Houdyshell: Jane
  • James Michael McCauley: BMW Man (credited as James McCauley)
  • Ernest Mingione: Desk Lt. Kowalski, NYPD
  • Dan Moran: Clown Guy
  • Larry Mullane: Turnkey
  • James Joseph O'Neil: Medic #1
  • Nathalie Paulding: Sunny
  • Lionel Pina: First Watch Supervisor
  • Maria Elena Ramirez: Theresa
  • James Rebhorn: Captain Elchisak
  • Joanna Rhinehart: ER Doctor
  • Dawn Murphy Riley: Floor Nurse
  • Michael Rispoli: Jerry Mankowicz
  • Mel Rodriguez: T-Shirt Man (credited as Melvin Rodriguez)
  • David Roya: Other Drunk
  • Derrick Simmons: Puppet
  • Heather Simms: Julie
  • Robin Skye: Martha
  • Monica Trombetta: ER Nurse Dana Murphy
  • Nikolai Tsankov: Mr. Adel
  • J.D. Williams: Pee Wee (credited as J.D.)
  • Gregory Wooddell: Henry Hickman
  • Henry Woronicz: Fire Captain
  • David Zayas: Motorman
  • Vija Zvers: Dreads (credited as Vija Brigita Grosgalvis)

Trivia\Notes Edit

-Camelot was the name members of the 55th precinct gave to the precinct because it was located on the corner of King and Arthur Streets.

-There is no 55PCT. in New York City.

-The pet Dalmation that stays at the firehouse is named "Mantooth", presumably after Randolph Mantooth who played Firefighter John Gage in the tv show, "Emergency!"

Music Edit

Theme Song Edit

Crystal Method: "Keep Hope Alive"

Fatboy Slim: "Right Here, Right Now"

Hooverphonic: "Battersea"

Peggy Lee: "I've Got Your Number"

Quotes Edit

Sully: Our job. What are we doing out here?

Davis: Enforcing the law.

Sully: No, we're solving problems. We go from job to job solving problems as quickly as we can.

Sully [to Davis]: I'm not your father, I'm your partner. Just like I was his partner. And I'm not about to call your mother and tell her you're dead. I made that call to her once already. Look, you want to get yourself killed you do it on somebody else's watch.

Bosco: 220 horses, I got a gun, a siren, a tank full of city gas. Don't you love it?!

Sully [to Davis]: They puke on you at the academy too?

Bosco [after a man asks him for directions]: Do I look like an information kiosk to you?

Bobby: Jimmy Doherty.

Kim: It was a weak moment.

Bobby: Kim, you married him.

[When the words: "Bosco is a Dick" is written on the side of Bosco and Yokas' patrol car]

Sully: A lot of people might have written that.

Bosco: What is that supposed to mean?

[When Yokas and Bosco are directing traffic at an accident scene]

Man: Excuse me, I have to get through. I live just on the other side.

Bosco: Hey Yokas. Yokas! We got ourselves a big problem here. This guy, he lives just on the other side and he has to get through. Hey everybody! Get the hell out of the way! This guy needs to get through.

Man: That's okay, man.

Bosco: Come on. You drive, I'll shoot anybody that gets in your way.

Sully: Bosco couldn't find his ass with both hands and a map.

Yokas: You know you can be a real jerk, you know that?

Bosco: But you love me anyway right? Huh? Right?

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